Saturday, May 2, 2009

Is Entrecard’s Paid Ads good?

>> “Advertise across the entire Entrecard network for $.02 per click, or $.30 CPM”
I know that Graham has to find a way to earn money to maintain entrecard site.
Entrecard gets paid (real money) by the paid ads.But we are not paid ‘directly’ by running the paid ads. Instead Entrecard will buy EC credits from you , and in that way it pays you indirectly. I really do not like it. He should do like google do. Publisher should be paid by real money not EC (We can not exchange EC to real money). We also have the site to maintain. We also need money like he need. So why he used our website to earn money without pay us? We also dropped card, link to EC site, make the site has good pagerank, SEO entrecard for free. He should think about entrecard community.
1. I suggest he should allow us exchange EC credit to real money.
2. Give us $0.01 per click and he keep the remaining.
It will be fair.
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