Thursday, February 19, 2009

Truth about entrecard

There are some facts on entrecard
1. Entrecard does not bring much traffic as you expected.
According to google analytics, my blog got from entrecard about 100 visit per day. The bounce rate is 93%.
2. Entrecard traffic can not bring money.
According to my google adsense, i got 1$ from the beginning till now from clicks from entrecard. Strange. That is because of high bounce rate and people do not have time to click on real ads :)). Another reason is that entrecard people try to remove ads and images from the blog they visit.
3. People rare comment on blog post or read post.
It is the trouble of entrecard system. You got award only when you drop as much as posible.
If you drop so much, you will be tired and do not want see or read any blogs. I am sure about it.
4. You can be banned very easily.
Many famous bloggers are banned from entrecard. And you should be carefull when your blog has high popularity rank.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Entrecard - Above The Fold

What do you think about having the ability to place every Entrecard widget Above the fold? See the demonstration in this video:

Leave your comments below. Thanks!

Pagerank updated - PR 2

Now my blog has pagerank = 2. I satisfied in this rank. Really, i do not spend much time on SEO. Actually, if you do SEO seriously, your pagerank will increase. But it will fall down when you do not SEO. Therefore, i make the pagerank increase naturally. That mean that people will make backlink on me naturally. And it also points that content is king.
We do not need to care about pagerank. Just care about content. Your pagerank will increase along with your content.
Good luck to you.
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