Monday, January 26, 2009

Do you think that entrecard rule is strict?

I think entrecard rule is very strict in some aspects but is loose in others aspects.

>> 1. No nudity: Entrecard, and its members blogs, are generally family friendly. Blogs with images containing nudity are not permitted. This includes nudity in advertisements.

+ I know it is because of children. But how can we identify that an image contains nudity.Do we consider a photo of a girl in bikiny contains nudity? How can we measure the nudity? This rule is not strict and make people confuse. The rule is depended on what moderator thinking. This should be more clear.
+ Another thing is nudity in advertisments. How can we know when ads show nudity?

>> 2.English only: Until we develop the infrastructure necessary to facilitate non-English
>> language blogs, English is the only language allowed in Entrecard.

It's OK

3. Minimum 5 posts: Blogs with no posts, or less than 5 quality posts written within the last 3 months, will be removed.

Remove spam blogs. I think it is ok.

4. Content must be original: Reproduced content does not provide the specific qualities we are looking for in the Entrecard network. This includes both sites that use legitimate reprintable content such as “free articles”, abstracts and public domain content as well as illegitimate, illegal content such as stolen content or scraped feeds. Duplicate content, such as posts that appear on two or more blogs belonging to the same person is also unacceptable.

It is difficult to find out if your posts is original. Because not all knowledge is ours. We have to reference to other sources in order to write a good post. So i think this rule is very strict. We only need to show where the sources come from.

4. No full-screen ads or popups: Blogs that include full-screen ads or popups will be removed. This includes any popup window that appears when the site has finished loading or when clicking to view an article. It is OK for links to display a popup window if the user clicks a link, e.g. FeedBurner email subscription, but popup ads or forceful messages asking people to subscribe without clicking anything are intrusive and therefore not allowed.

I also do not like popup. But prohibit full-screen ads is bad. Entrecard site do not provide the quality traffic. And publisher can not earn from entrecard traffic. I see that many people block ads and therefore no money from banner or texts ads. Full-screen ads will be the suitable ads in this case.

5.No illegal file downloads: Blogs that link to illegally shared files, such as music, movies or software, will be removed. By “illegal” we mean content that you do not have the right to distribute. Linking to free, legal music and software is permitted.

It's ok

6.Entrecard widget must be present: Including the widget on your site is a requirement if you wish to participate in Entrecard.

It's ok

7. No redirects: Sites that use a redirect (such as tinyurl links) as the URL on their account will be deleted.

It's ok

8. No duplicate accounts: If you have more than one account for the same blog, the duplicate account will be deleted.

It's ok

  • URLs must be valid: Sites with URLs that do not work or are wrongly typed will be deleted.
  • No autoplaying audio: This includes music that plays automatically when you visit the page, or short audio ads that come up unannounced.
  • Content must be recent: Sites that have not been updated in 3 months will be removed.

  • It's ok

    Sunday, January 25, 2009

    Does advertise on entrecard like gambling?

    Does advertisement on entrecard like gambling? The answer is YES. Sometimes i got many clicks from low value sites. But many times i got a very few traffic from my advertisment in some season like christmas, holiday season... So to increase traffic by using entrecard, you should follow some hints:
    1. Content is king: so write a hot news and unique news
    2. Entrecard should be attractive
    3. Advertise on many different blogs as much as posible and chose site which generate more traffic to advertise again.
    4. Make friend. With more friends, you can have more loyal readers. You can do this by comments on his blogs.
    5. Do not advertise on specific niches. You should try more niches. It will bring more traffic to your site
    6. Some 8ec,16ec blogs which have less traffic from EC but they have a lot of traffic from outsite. So you should try to find those blogs and advertise on good site.
    7. Advertise on working day not weekend.

    Saturday, January 17, 2009

    Today, i share my blog

    Today, i share my blog. Everyone can post his idea about entrecard life by using my new email
    password: entrecardseo123

    Please do not change email password. I would like everyone can access it. If you change it, i have to change it back. And i do not want to waste my time and your time

    Best regards

    Thursday, January 15, 2009

    Share my blog?

    What do you think if i share my blog for anyone to write their experience in entrecard?
    I will create another account, people can use it write their own idea. But i wonder the security of my account. Can they hack my account from the account i shared?
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