Saturday, November 29, 2008

Weekend = Nighmare for entrecard advertiser

Unbelievable, I got very few traffic from ads at weekends. It seems that people do not like to work at weekend. All the traffic i got from people drop back me.
Therefore, we should not advertise so much on weekend. Advertise only on the most popular site, one or two ads is enough. It will bring more traffic than advertise many site at weekend.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Good marketing strategies

As i said in the previous posts, i will try to advertise and see the result.
It is exciting. The traffic is double. More people comments on my posts.
And my blog is more poopular now. So what do i do?
1. First i use all my money to advertise (not enough money because the ads price is high) on the site which is more popular and less price.
2. I try to advertise as much as posible
3. When i have more people drop on my sites, i also has more credit. Another income is from people buy my ads
4. Now i have more credit to advertise. I do again from the step 1.

After 4 days advertise, the traffic is double. Many people ask "how can i get more traffic?". And this post is the answer. Advertise as much as posible. That's all. Ialso will try to promote my site using event through forum to see what happen. Wait for my next analyse

Which browsers does entrecard community use?

Hereunder is the statistic of browser which entrecard community use:
% visits
953 80.90%
120 10.19%
51 4.33%
49 4.16%
4 0.34%

It seems that Firefox is widely used in webmasters ^_^ even though IE is the most popular browser in general

Friday, November 21, 2008

Suitable Entrecard Advertisment Price

I would like to know the average advertisment price which we usually accept.
I also create a poll. Please help me to vote a poll

Statistic 21/Nov/2008

Today is 21-Nov-2008. I want to check my entrecard status.
After 12 days in entrecard, i become more popular. The ads price is now 128.
And i got average 60 visitors drop in my site and 40 organic clicks.
It seems that those traffic is good for new site. I drop about 150 cards everyday and got back 1/3 drops. It means that 2/3 people drop the same websites day by day and does not care who drop on their site. And what should i do in this case? Just remove who will not drop back my site and do not care my site.
According to the google analytics

* 447

* 538

* 1.20

* 89.26%
Bounce Rate

* 00:01:13
Avg. Time on Site

* 72.48%
% New Visits

The bounce rate is very high. How can i reduce this bounce rate? It is really the hard problems.

According to google analytics
  • Referring Sites 235.00 (52.57%)
  • Direct Traffic 209.00 (46.76%)
  • Search Engines 3.00 (0.67%)
With this stats, i can conclude that my traffic depend totally on entrecard. If i am not in entrecard, my blog will be vanished to air. That is really a problem. In addition, my blog is on the list of dropper. :) . That is because i always drop back who drop on me. Sometimes, i miss someone because i do not have much time. But this explain why i have 50% traffic is from direct traffic. With the direct traffic, you can believe that your traffic will be increasing. I prefer direct traffic more than referring traffic.
Always drop back whenever you can to get higher direct traffic. It makes your site will be more popular.
Today, i will use my card to advertise and track the changes. Wait for next analysis.

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Statistic 19-Nov-2008

After tracking drop status for a few days, i have just found some interested in things
+ I drop about 150 cards/day
+ I got back about 50 cards/day
+ I have about 35 organic clicks.

+ 1/3 = 50/150 people use strategy: You drop I follow. :D
+ 2/3 = 100/150: They did not follow above strategies. They use bookmarks and open list of fixed users in this bookmark and drop. They do not care about who click on them. And in this case, they may use ads to get more and more traffic from advertisment.
+ A fixed number of user click on my ads = 35/50= 70%. 70% of dropper clicks to ads.

So you should filter who not drop back you. Because they even know what your blog is about.
And i think you will get higher rank

Friday, November 14, 2008

Some strategies which entrecard dropper used to promote website

1. First strategy:

In forum:
A guy said:
" hey,
anyone interested in getting easy 1000 ec's ?
just write a review of my blog on your site :
1. 3 outbound links to my blog
2. minimum 250 words
Easy !! go get these ec's
either pm me or write a comment here "

With this contest, someone will write about his blog and give outbound links. If that site has high pagerank, he also has good pagerank. If not, it will be ok. Good strategy. But i see few people interested in this contest. It is because they are afraid of google penalty
But in general, it is a good strategy.

2. Second Strategy
As we know, most people in entrecard just drop and run. This is because they have to drop more to get enough credits to advertise. I have try to drop and it took me more than a hour to drop about 150 cards. It is tired and stressful. So it is easy to understand that people do not want to comment any more. So the good solution is that you will comment on their blogs. When they finished dropping, they will see anyone comment on their blog and will comment on your blog back. I think it is best solution for this problem. Give me your opinion if you have another idea . Other strategies will be updated later when i have more time

Thursday, November 13, 2008

Why does Top Drop Entrecard not have high pagerank?

Today, I want to know the pagerank of the top entrecard dropper.
I chose category: Make Money Online to investigate because of they make blog to earn money.
So they should and have to know SEO==> Some of they should have highpage rank
Now let me see:
Entrecard ads price: 1536
Pagerank: Not Available
Entrecard ads price: 768ec
Pagerank: Not Available
Entrecard ads price: 768ec
Pagerank: 3 <=== Have fair pagerank
Entrecard ads price: 512ec
Pagerank: 2 <=== Have fair pagerank
Entrecard ads price: 768ec
Pagerank: 2 <=== Have fair pagerank
He does not point to homepage but point to subpage and in this page he open a contest. He want people to comment on his blog and subscribe to his blog ==> Good strategy
Entrecard ads price: 512ec
Pagerank: Nopagerank
Entrecard ads price: 512ec
Pagerank: Nopagerank
Entrecard ads price: 512ec
Pagerank: 2
Entrecard ads price: 384ec
Pagerank: 3
Entrecard ads price: 384ec
Pagerank: 2

Sumary: Almost top entrecard has no pagerank or low pagerank. I have seen many blogs has ads price about 16 but has pagerank 4 or 5. What happen to those blogs? Is it a new blog? It seem that they just only use Entrecard is the only method for promoting his website.
And the result is that they have useless traffic, low pagerank ==> Can not earn more money in make money online field.

To know more about SEO, come to visit this blog. I think it is a good blog in SEO

Monday, November 10, 2008

2008-11-11 Statistic

Quickstats (last 30 days)
28 credits in your account 32 credits to advertise on your blog
10/16 cards you dropped today/all 3/12 cards dropped on you today/all 28 credits earned via drops
0/0 clicks via ads you placed 0/0 clicks from your blog to others 2/7 clicks from to you
0 ads you bought 5 ads bought from you 0 currently running ads

+ I got 3 visitors and drop back 10 cards. Among 3 visitors, there are 2 old visitors. One is new.
Visitors from previous day do not come back.
+ No-one comment/vote on my blogs.
+ No-one advertise on my blog (now 32 credit)
+ I does not advertise.
BTW, my blog is not indexed in google search. If i do some SEO technique (digg for example) i will be indexed in 1 hour.

Explaination for this result:
1. My blog ads price is now 32 and people does not searh with critera 32.
2. My blog is not popular because i do not drop much
3. People does not adverts in my blog because the price is 32 instead of 2. 2 is the price in previous day.
+ You can not wait for others come to your blog and drop and you follow. You need to be more active, drop as much as posible to get more popular
+ The strategies that many people used to do is: search new blog with has price 2 credit and advertise on it. But in my opinion, this strategy is not good as new blog with no experience in entrecard network will behave like me. And therefore, no one will visit his blog. If they visit, they also do not click on entrecard ads. Because they will do like the method decribed in previous post .
So what do we have to do to get more good traffic?
I will tell you later after i do some experiences.

First day in entrecard

Here is the first report in my entrecard. The google analytics is setting up. So i did not have any statistic on traffic now. Maybe in 2,3 day later, i can get them all,

In the first day, i will see if i did not drop on any sites, is there any one drop on me ( totally new site)
First day:
Blog is created today. I do not submit my site to google search search engine. I would like to see the real ability of entrecard to promote my blogs.

There are no one visit my blog at this time i write this posts.
No one vote for my poll.
No one read my post. :D
Now wait ...........
Update in 5 minutes laters:
There are 2 advertisers visit my blogs and advert ads. But they did not drop on my sites. There are new strategies here. I will tell you later

Last updated:

I have six drop today + 4 advertiser. Half of number of advertisers do not drop on my blog. One of dropper comment and vote on my blog / 6 dropper.
==> Good traffic is 1/(6+4) = 1/10 = 10% total traffic

Good blog traffic - Is entrecard traffic meet the traffic quality

Good Blog Traffic

Good blog visitors are ones that subscribe/post comments/click ads/contact you.

As i said in the previous blog: Entrecard traffic has some feature

1. Vist and run in quickly (below 10ms)

2. Does not read posts, comments

3. Does not click on ads

4. Maybe contact with you but rarely,

Conclusion: It is not good traffic except it increase alexa ranks

Dropping 300 cards: is it good?

One of the factor to be succesful in entrecard world is that you have to click 300 card everyday.
One of the common way
1. Download Fire fox

2. Download No Script Addon (keep it disabled until you drop)

3. Download Alexa toolbar

4. Download Entrecard toolbar
After install environment
Configure browser:

+ Under Load images automatically (exceptions) type in and (so the entrecard boxes will show up)
+ Uncheck load images automatically and uncheck enable java
=====> Reduce time of loading sites because we dont load images except entrecard

+ Enable no-script addon ==> reduce time of loading sites because we dont load ads
Next step:
Bookmark all sites did you like in entrecard.
Use function: open all in tabs when you click on bookmark folder
All your site which you want will be open at one time and now just click and click

============================> THAT'S ALL TIPS <================

But the problems are here:
Click so much and no one reads posts.

So it is not good anymore.
The good way is : dropping less, comment more, make firends and advertise.

Strong points of entrecard?

One of the strong points of entrecard is that we can have many traffics ( i dont know if it is quality traffic) and you will have good alexa rank. I already try it and my alexa from 1000000 now become 200000 (in other blogs not this blog). It is worth for new blog or for beginner. But if you want to earn money by those traffic, i think you can not because people visit your blog for earn entrecard credit not information. But, maybe i am wrong and you will find a good way to earn money. If you have a way to earn money from entrecard, please tell me. I am very interested in your experiences.

Weak point of entrecard

One of the big problems of entrecard is that dropper drop card and run :D . It will increase the bound rate so much. And of course, people does not spend time to read your posts. It is terrible.
Even though, now entrecard cooperate with SezWho, there are still a lot of people does not partipate in SezWho ==> drop and run. But it is only my opinion. So to prove my idea, i have to track my blogs daily and see how many people tend to comment on my posts and how many people just drop and run. And we will have the conclusion in this idea.

What is entrecard?

According to introduction:

Entrecard is a free blogging network that truly brings visitors to your blog. By joining our network, you can earn Entrecard credits which allows you to display an ad of your blog on other blog sites within our Network. Sign up today and see why tens of thousands of bloggers are using Entrecard!

Very interested in. Their introduction are attractive. But like in real world, you have to work hard in order everyone knows you. Like other SEO techniques, you have to make friends, drop cards, advertise... to let your site stay in the first position in search result. If you are on top, you will be easily get more traffic. If not, no one visit your site.

Why do i start this blog?

Entrecard SEO
The reason is very simple. I want to start Entrecard to study whether Entrecard can promote a blog as they said. To do so, i will make survey, statistic daily about my own blog with different strategies in order i can promote my blog. As i know, many bloggers have been banned from entrecard because of their blogs is not meet their quality. So i will start a new one with unique content and try to meet quality. I also compare this blog with one of my blogs which i do SEO very much. The goal in this test is: "Is entrecard can promote blog and how to do it?"
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