Sunday, January 25, 2009

Does advertise on entrecard like gambling?

Does advertisement on entrecard like gambling? The answer is YES. Sometimes i got many clicks from low value sites. But many times i got a very few traffic from my advertisment in some season like christmas, holiday season... So to increase traffic by using entrecard, you should follow some hints:
1. Content is king: so write a hot news and unique news
2. Entrecard should be attractive
3. Advertise on many different blogs as much as posible and chose site which generate more traffic to advertise again.
4. Make friend. With more friends, you can have more loyal readers. You can do this by comments on his blogs.
5. Do not advertise on specific niches. You should try more niches. It will bring more traffic to your site
6. Some 8ec,16ec blogs which have less traffic from EC but they have a lot of traffic from outsite. So you should try to find those blogs and advertise on good site.
7. Advertise on working day not weekend.

1 comment:

John said...

Thanks, some great tips there.

I haven't really noticed a drop in traffic at weekends?

I normally drop and advertise outside my niche. Advertising in the personal blogs catergory seems to work well for me.

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