Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Entrecard - Above The Fold

What do you think about having the ability to place every Entrecard widget Above the fold? See the demonstration in this video:

Leave your comments below. Thanks!


Sabine said...

Nothing! You just drop and go, so do you want get like this traffic? Me not,and I really hope,that don´t make many members!

entrecardseo said...

Me too. I do not like these traffic.

One Creative Queen said...

It made me sort of sad to see that. When I do my drops (which are very rarely even semi-close to 300 per day!), I take my time. Maybe I've been doing it wrong? I look over the site and read a coulpe of posts - even on sites I don't really care for. I think it probably takes me a little over an hour to drop 20-22 cards. Knowing no one else does that makes me want to just quit - I definitely have other things to do!

Thanks for the good post.

Anonymous said...

Maybe it's a bad example, but the tool keeps the widget up top while you scroll so you can easily find it when you're finished reading.

Anyway, everyone will drop differently. I only drop like Creative Queen once or twice a week since many people don't update every day. The rest of the time, I just skim over and only read if something catches my eye.

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