Thursday, March 12, 2009

My Entrecard Experience

Hi. I'm Fitz and I blog at Ready To Be Rich.

When I started blogging, Entrecard was the biggest thing in the blogosphere. And although many blogs are now removing their Entrecard widget from their blogs, I still keep mine.

Here's why:

1. There are still a lot of blogs with Entrecard. Given that, Entrecard is still the cheapest way to advertise your blog in others.

2. When you drop cards often and advertise in new blogs, more often than not, you convert the rookie blog owner into a subscriber in your blog.

3. I usually use my credits to become a sponsor in blog contests of others. Thus, giving me precious link love from the blog contest participants.

4. The Entrecard Market is a very interesting place and I've used my credits to buy some stuff there, both virtual and physical goods.

Basically, these are the top 4 reasons why I still have an Entrecard widget in my blog. I noticed that by putting it below the fold, I've minimized "bouncing" in my blog.


Blog Administrator said...

You are the first one share your ideas in my blog. Good experience. You will be success. :)

Anonymous said...

I too have noticed some dropping their own entrecard widget, but do not know why...regardless...I like mine and until otherwise unhappy, will continue to use EC.

Also wish to agree, I too have my EC widget below the fold, even though I received a not-so-nice message from a popular EC dropper that it causes anger for droppers who will just by-pass my blog because of this...I think this just proved your theory!

BTW, the dropping at my blog as well as comments on my blog increase steadily...HA HA!

Digital Polaroids said...

Very good article, I completly agree

Blog Administrator said...

Nice tips: entrecard widget below the fold
But i hope it does not violate the Entrecard rule.

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