Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Long time not drop entrecard

Hi everybody,

Because i am very busy in this month and previous month, i do not have time to drop cards. Sorry for do not drop back. And i am very appreciate to anyone drop on my card in this time. And in this time, i will analyze statistic when i do not drop any entrecard.

+ Traffic: My traffic decrease 10 times if i do not use entrecard.

entrecard.com (referral) 36.59%
(direct) ((none)) 30.91%
entrecard.s3.amazonaws.com (referral) 18.71%
iamburaot.com (referral) 10.54%
google (organic) 0.95%

Note: My traffic is totally from entrecard because i want to find the best way entrecard can help us to increase traffic.

As we can see that, 30% traffic is direct traffic. It means that 30% of entrecard people has their own list and drop in this list. ==> If you are in those lists, you will have the loyal visitor.

55% from entrecard, so it means that entrecard newbie will let entrecard system find sites to drop. To get those traffic, you only have one way: drop as much as posible to have the high rank.

10% from others site, to get those traffic, you have to had the good relationship with other blogger. To do this, just comments on their blogs and give your ideas, make friends...

1% from google: only for my site, because i only use entrecard as SEO tools. Other sites should focus on SEO using google search.


pussreboots said...

A large portion of my traffic comes from entrecard too although I seem to have gotten some loyal readers through the site who now come directly. Since the whole paid ad thing started, I've begun using twitter and that has helped keep my traffic up. I let 3 paid ads run on my site but now that they are done I'm just taking EC credit ads until they get their system working in a satisfactory fashion.

Joy said...

Apparently the Entrecard toolbar counts as direct traffic too, so a chunk of your direct traffic could be from that.

My main "drop list" of 50 blogs or so is from my EC favorites, and some other people probably do this too, so that would count as referral traffic from Entrecard.com.

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