Friday, November 14, 2008

Some strategies which entrecard dropper used to promote website

1. First strategy:

In forum:
A guy said:
" hey,
anyone interested in getting easy 1000 ec's ?
just write a review of my blog on your site :
1. 3 outbound links to my blog
2. minimum 250 words
Easy !! go get these ec's
either pm me or write a comment here "

With this contest, someone will write about his blog and give outbound links. If that site has high pagerank, he also has good pagerank. If not, it will be ok. Good strategy. But i see few people interested in this contest. It is because they are afraid of google penalty
But in general, it is a good strategy.

2. Second Strategy
As we know, most people in entrecard just drop and run. This is because they have to drop more to get enough credits to advertise. I have try to drop and it took me more than a hour to drop about 150 cards. It is tired and stressful. So it is easy to understand that people do not want to comment any more. So the good solution is that you will comment on their blogs. When they finished dropping, they will see anyone comment on their blog and will comment on your blog back. I think it is best solution for this problem. Give me your opinion if you have another idea . Other strategies will be updated later when i have more time

1 comment:

L. Venkata Subramaniam said...

i agree with you. People dont comment much. Even when they comment it is meaningless and insincere one line comments that have no relation to the article itself.

I think reading others blogs and commenting is just as important as writing articles on your own blog.

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