Friday, November 28, 2008

Good marketing strategies

As i said in the previous posts, i will try to advertise and see the result.
It is exciting. The traffic is double. More people comments on my posts.
And my blog is more poopular now. So what do i do?
1. First i use all my money to advertise (not enough money because the ads price is high) on the site which is more popular and less price.
2. I try to advertise as much as posible
3. When i have more people drop on my sites, i also has more credit. Another income is from people buy my ads
4. Now i have more credit to advertise. I do again from the step 1.

After 4 days advertise, the traffic is double. Many people ask "how can i get more traffic?". And this post is the answer. Advertise as much as posible. That's all. Ialso will try to promote my site using event through forum to see what happen. Wait for my next analyse


shengy said...

tnx for this post..ill use this with my two sites..

Blog Administrator said...

Hi shengy,
Your site has pop-up and i dislike it. Sorry but i do not visit your blog again if popup exist

Margaret said...

How did you pick the 150 blogs you drop on? Are you using a list?

I don't drop from my inbox, but from a list of blogs I like. I add to that list as I see people commenting on those blogs with relevant and conversant comments (not just "great site").

You must have gotten rid of the pop up that Blog Administrator referred to as I didn't get one when I came and that's a good thing as popups are against the EC TOS.

Blog Administrator said...

Hi Margaret,
Nice to see you. I find the list from my inbox. ^_^

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