Monday, November 10, 2008

First day in entrecard

Here is the first report in my entrecard. The google analytics is setting up. So i did not have any statistic on traffic now. Maybe in 2,3 day later, i can get them all,

In the first day, i will see if i did not drop on any sites, is there any one drop on me ( totally new site)
First day:
Blog is created today. I do not submit my site to google search search engine. I would like to see the real ability of entrecard to promote my blogs.

There are no one visit my blog at this time i write this posts.
No one vote for my poll.
No one read my post. :D
Now wait ...........
Update in 5 minutes laters:
There are 2 advertisers visit my blogs and advert ads. But they did not drop on my sites. There are new strategies here. I will tell you later

Last updated:

I have six drop today + 4 advertiser. Half of number of advertisers do not drop on my blog. One of dropper comment and vote on my blog / 6 dropper.
==> Good traffic is 1/(6+4) = 1/10 = 10% total traffic

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