Monday, November 10, 2008

Good blog traffic - Is entrecard traffic meet the traffic quality

Good Blog Traffic

Good blog visitors are ones that subscribe/post comments/click ads/contact you.

As i said in the previous blog: Entrecard traffic has some feature

1. Vist and run in quickly (below 10ms)

2. Does not read posts, comments

3. Does not click on ads

4. Maybe contact with you but rarely,

Conclusion: It is not good traffic except it increase alexa ranks


headed to nowhere said...

what you said, most of them are true.. but i still found a few droppers that really read my article and leave comment but just a few.
i use entercard to find a good blog, gain info and may be make contact, but if not i just drop and run like you said,no point to waste time to read what is not in your interest.
Entrecard also point out in it's book, to want to help you discover good blog.

Blog Administrator said...

A this time, you are the only one read my post/comment and vote the poll. Thank for your participate in my survey. I will give the result at the end of today

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