Monday, November 10, 2008

Dropping 300 cards: is it good?

One of the factor to be succesful in entrecard world is that you have to click 300 card everyday.
One of the common way
1. Download Fire fox

2. Download No Script Addon (keep it disabled until you drop)

3. Download Alexa toolbar

4. Download Entrecard toolbar
After install environment
Configure browser:

+ Under Load images automatically (exceptions) type in and (so the entrecard boxes will show up)
+ Uncheck load images automatically and uncheck enable java
=====> Reduce time of loading sites because we dont load images except entrecard

+ Enable no-script addon ==> reduce time of loading sites because we dont load ads
Next step:
Bookmark all sites did you like in entrecard.
Use function: open all in tabs when you click on bookmark folder
All your site which you want will be open at one time and now just click and click

============================> THAT'S ALL TIPS <================

But the problems are here:
Click so much and no one reads posts.

So it is not good anymore.
The good way is : dropping less, comment more, make firends and advertise.

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