Friday, November 21, 2008

Statistic 21/Nov/2008

Today is 21-Nov-2008. I want to check my entrecard status.
After 12 days in entrecard, i become more popular. The ads price is now 128.
And i got average 60 visitors drop in my site and 40 organic clicks.
It seems that those traffic is good for new site. I drop about 150 cards everyday and got back 1/3 drops. It means that 2/3 people drop the same websites day by day and does not care who drop on their site. And what should i do in this case? Just remove who will not drop back my site and do not care my site.
According to the google analytics

* 447

* 538

* 1.20

* 89.26%
Bounce Rate

* 00:01:13
Avg. Time on Site

* 72.48%
% New Visits

The bounce rate is very high. How can i reduce this bounce rate? It is really the hard problems.

According to google analytics
  • Referring Sites 235.00 (52.57%)
  • Direct Traffic 209.00 (46.76%)
  • Search Engines 3.00 (0.67%)
With this stats, i can conclude that my traffic depend totally on entrecard. If i am not in entrecard, my blog will be vanished to air. That is really a problem. In addition, my blog is on the list of dropper. :) . That is because i always drop back who drop on me. Sometimes, i miss someone because i do not have much time. But this explain why i have 50% traffic is from direct traffic. With the direct traffic, you can believe that your traffic will be increasing. I prefer direct traffic more than referring traffic.
Always drop back whenever you can to get higher direct traffic. It makes your site will be more popular.
Today, i will use my card to advertise and track the changes. Wait for next analysis.


John said...

When I visit blogs to drop my Entrecard, I make sure I don't increase their bounce rate as follows:

1) open about 10 blogs I want to drop on

2) drop them all

3) switch my Entrecard account

4) load the first interesting looking post on each blog

5) drop from the second Entrecard account

Blog Administrator said...

Good tips. ^_^. But people do not know your tips therefore we always have high bounce rate.

Shinade said...

When I visit blogs some times I stop and leave a comment.

I will admit that many times I am simply not able to make a comment on every single blog I drop on.

I try my best for 300 drops a day. and some times I do miss new people who have dropped on me.

So if I have missed you I apologize.

I am a high traffic blog that often times makes two or even some times more posts a day.

So I do try my best but no one is perfect.

I only have one Entrecard account so I can't switch back and forth. and my price to advertise is fairly high on my blog.

But, most of my sponsers do get a lot of hits it they have a nice and interesting card.

Also I have my regulars that always click through on my site.

They do so because I click through on their adds.

I just do the best that I can to be as nice and polite to everyone.

And if you pop up enough times and I see that you too are a consistent dropper then I will add you to my faves and visit almost everyday!!

Happy week end:-)

Blog Administrator said...

Thank you Shinade. Happy week end:-)

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