Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Statistic 19-Nov-2008

After tracking drop status for a few days, i have just found some interested in things
+ I drop about 150 cards/day
+ I got back about 50 cards/day
+ I have about 35 organic clicks.

+ 1/3 = 50/150 people use strategy: You drop I follow. :D
+ 2/3 = 100/150: They did not follow above strategies. They use bookmarks and open list of fixed users in this bookmark and drop. They do not care about who click on them. And in this case, they may use ads to get more and more traffic from advertisment.
+ A fixed number of user click on my ads = 35/50= 70%. 70% of dropper clicks to ads.

So you should filter who not drop back you. Because they even know what your blog is about.
And i think you will get higher rank


mon said...

Hello! I am not a big dropper to. If I have the time I dropped those coming from my inbox firt. Your observation is correct that is why my priority is for those who gives their drop.

Ratty said...

I'm glad I found your blog. I'm new to entrecard, and I'm looking to learn the best way to do things. I'll be reading, and maybe getting better. I like your poll, but it may seem a little harsh to some. Sometimes people want to read, but not comment. I like the comments too, and I don't get nearly enough, but it's not always necessary. I do really like your site, and I'll be coming back.

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