Monday, November 10, 2008

2008-11-11 Statistic

Quickstats (last 30 days)
28 credits in your account 32 credits to advertise on your blog
10/16 cards you dropped today/all 3/12 cards dropped on you today/all 28 credits earned via drops
0/0 clicks via ads you placed 0/0 clicks from your blog to others 2/7 clicks from to you
0 ads you bought 5 ads bought from you 0 currently running ads

+ I got 3 visitors and drop back 10 cards. Among 3 visitors, there are 2 old visitors. One is new.
Visitors from previous day do not come back.
+ No-one comment/vote on my blogs.
+ No-one advertise on my blog (now 32 credit)
+ I does not advertise.
BTW, my blog is not indexed in google search. If i do some SEO technique (digg for example) i will be indexed in 1 hour.

Explaination for this result:
1. My blog ads price is now 32 and people does not searh with critera 32.
2. My blog is not popular because i do not drop much
3. People does not adverts in my blog because the price is 32 instead of 2. 2 is the price in previous day.
+ You can not wait for others come to your blog and drop and you follow. You need to be more active, drop as much as posible to get more popular
+ The strategies that many people used to do is: search new blog with has price 2 credit and advertise on it. But in my opinion, this strategy is not good as new blog with no experience in entrecard network will behave like me. And therefore, no one will visit his blog. If they visit, they also do not click on entrecard ads. Because they will do like the method decribed in previous post .
So what do we have to do to get more good traffic?
I will tell you later after i do some experiences.

1 comment:

headed to nowhere said...

as a user, I choose to advertise at blogs that discussed simirlar topic with mine, or at least i believe that there's similarities with my targeted user and theirs.
The maximum price that i considered is, 64 ec. normally i choose between 4 to 16.
hope to read your new finding about Entrecard soon.

P/S: I'm really havin trouble in changin my lay out, i deleted my previous blog because of it.

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